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Oak, Aluminium, Glass




Limited Edition of 2 by Studio De Lezando

Garden Series

"Garden Series“ is a coffee table which combines different classical craftsmanships into one piece of art.

The basic framework consists of 147 single pieces - handmade manufactured in a lightweight construction influenced by boatbuilding.

Each piece must be produced with precision to the millimeter to enable the following process to be conducted. Following this way free spaces are formed which are then consequently filled mirrored aluminum sheets. Due to the arrangement of these areas in a certain angle against the glass, all objects on the table will be reflected and will give a kaleidoscopic appearance to the viewer.  There are ornaments of different plants on each of the aluminum sheets hammered to perfection onto the surface with thousands of hammer strokes, which make this table a unique piece of craftsmanship  – leaf by leaf and blossom by blossom.

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